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Jiangsu Qidong Fuqiang Rubber & Plastic Products Factory is located in the Miaojiao Industrial Zone, Huifeng Town, Qidong City, where the economically developed and convenient transportation enters the Yangtze River. There are 103 employees, including 15 professional and technical personnel,with fixed assets of 21 million yuan, an annual output of more than 62 million various types of seals and rubber products,and an annual output value of 38 million yuan. Our factory is a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. and its registered trademark "Jin Fuqiang" is a famous brand in Nantong.
The factory specializes in the production of a full set of rubber tools for electric tools such as electric hammers, electric picks, cutting machines, angle grinders, etc.; rubber seal products for construction pipelines and rubber products for automobiles.special valves and pipeline explosion-proof equipment, a variety of specifications Seals produced with nitrile rubber. EPDM rubber, silicone rubber. fluororubber, acrylate rubber. polytetrafluoroethylene; medical products, rollers, hoses and other products to meet the needs of different customers. And has the experience of supporting Japan Hitachi Metals. Toya Co., Ltd. and other internationally renowned companies.
The factory provides technical advice to peers and sells specialty rubbers such as silicone rubber, fluororubber, acrylic rubber, and polyurethane, Can design and produce various specifications of products according to customer needs.
In order to adapt to the market competition situation.our factory attaches great importance to product quality, performance, price and after-sales service.
Thanks to the new and old customers for their love for the company over the years, sincerely welcome friends to visit and seek common development.



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Specializing in the production, R&D and sales of rubber products, the products involve power tool accessories, pipe seals, auto hardware accessories, and the products are exported to Japan and other countries


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